Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some Baby Love.

Jimmy's doing so many fun things these days. He's talking up a storm, RUNNING all over the place, comprehending things he hasn't before, playing funny games. One of his favorite things to do is to peek through the blinds on the sliding glass door or through the bannister on the stairs and say "Lello? Lello? Lello?...LELLO???", getting louder and louder until someone replies, "Hello!" back. Then, he says, "Bye!!". "Bye" also crops up when I'm telling him something he doesn't want to hear (like to stop coloring on the floor), as in, "Okay, bye!" as he walks (or runs) away, waving at me and giggling. Little stinker.

Old Man Winter

Yes? What about my hairdo?

Cute Daddy.

He's a very spiritual child - reading the Bible at such a tender age ;)

So...wait...she did WHAT now?

OOOH!! It's a LEARNING book.

Embrace the hair.

He looks like he's singing in this picture. Angelically belting out "Oh Holy Night" or something.

Then, back to stinker.

My new batch of cake pops (which turned out SOOO much better than the first batch) got the Jimmy Houx seal of approval.

Hey, where'd it go?


You can take the boy out of the grocery bag...oh wait...no you can't!

Bag Boy from The Houxes on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Comfort and Joy

This post is long on pictures - way long - and short on writing. It's a Christmas pictorial extravaganza! And what a Christmas it was.

Here are my boys, horsing around on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas morning, James read Jimmy the Christmas story from his children's Bible, then we opened stockings over breakfast. James got this little bunny - there's a story behind it, which I'll tell...some other time.

If you want to see utter delight on my child's face, put some candy in front of it.

Why did I do this to myself?

Here's me, primping.

While James got some Silly Putty, a plastic bunny and some candy and Jimmy got a plastic recorder and some candy, I got a new lens for my camera in my stocking. See, each year, we pick one person in our extended family to get "the big gift" or for whom it'll be "the big year". Unbeknownst to me, James had decided this year was MY big year. And it got bigger from here.

The J-bird got some new "grubs", which fascinated him.

James with his Tribble (Star Trek? Anyone?)

And me, with a stinkin' gorgeous aquamarine necklace (Jimmy's birthstone) that Jimmy really wanted to get his mitts on.

What could it be? Something good, I hope....

A Slinky! Fun for a girl OR a boy!! Let me tell you, this child is easy to please. He's been walking around ever since with this thing, saying "Boing! Boing! Boing!!"

Examining Sponge Bob for any manufacturing defects.

Mickey Mouse Story Reader.

One of Jimmy's big gifts.

So, I agonized over what to get James as HIS "big gift". I went back and forth and finally landed on something I knew he'd love, then shot my whole budget on it.

This smile was so worth it.

It's a "Build Your Own Muppet" from FAO Schwartz. It came with a kit of bodies, features and outfits to mix and match on a little board. Once you've decided on what you want, you submit it to the website (using the gift card that also came with the kit), and they'll build and send a real Muppet to your specifications- pretty cool! James is a life-long Muppet maniac, so he was thrilled.

Jimmy's other "big" gift. He'd like to move in on a more permanent basis. And yes, he has put the Slinky on Sponge Bob's nose. He's creative like that.

A lovely reaction shot, opening my new set of knives.

What the...?

You canNOT be serious...?!?!?

Dude, he bought me a Dell laptop.

Just to show you how completely spoiled rotten I am, here's all my loot. I received the laptop, a new set of knives, a cast iron skillet and dutch oven, a scrapbook of Jimmy's first year, a Dremel tool and accessory kit, the birthstone necklace, a Digipro digital drawing board, some iTunes gift cards, the new lens, a Scrabble Diamond Edition (I LOOOOOOOVE Scrabble, and will play all by my onesies, if left to it), a metric ton of skin and lip care products and a million other "early" gifts - like the best can opener ever, a way cool new tripod....like I said, SPOILED COMPLETELY ROTTEN. I may never recover from the shock.

In other news, it was a white Christmas.

We had friends over that evening for supper, including Jimmy's friend, Grayson.

What James would look like if we had twins (that were two months apart - yikes for me)

That's Zach, Grayson's dad.

Funny little guys.

James, Niki and Cameron, waiting for dessert.

Jaimey (Grayson's mommy and my good friend) preparing to smash the gingybread house. And yes, it was delicious.

Though it took her two or three swings to put a dent in it ;)


Jesse, Jaimey's little brother, after he, James and Zach spent forty five minutes helping Cam and Niki get their car unstuck (several times in several spots) on their way back home.

And I took some quiet moments to remember why I love Christmas. It's not the gifts, though those are lovely (I think I won both showcases this year, Bob). First and foremost, for me it's the celebration of a birth that was the ultimate gift. And it's also gathering with people I love. It's weeks of anticipation and preparation. It's missing the people I can't be with, missing them because I love them so. It's a lot of emotion, and commotion, wrapped up in a swirl of color and lights and activity, and it always goes by in a blur.
Then, there's the relaxation for a few days after, basking in the glow, before moving on to the next thing. I hope your Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate 'round this time of year was wonderful. So now...Happy New Year!