Friday, December 19, 2008

Gingybread Endeavors

I've spent the last three days up to my elbows in gingerbread! I started making it as gifts for the neighbors three years ago. That first year, I cut out a gingerbread man shape from a piece of cardboard and painstakingly traced out each one with a knife, because I couldn't find a good cookie cutter. Last year, I got some amazing molds for making houses and started giving those away as well. After making 5 houses (plus countless ginger-dudes) last year and the same this year, I've pretty well got it down to a science. I've got molasses running through my veins. Me and the royal icing are ONE!
Weighing and measuring chilled dough.


Components - fresh out of the oven.

So organized. :)

Decoration STATION! This was torture for Jimmy. A boy can only ask for candy and be denied so many times.

Consoling himself with some juice and a "Melmo" DVD (you like how I pay such great attention to my kid?)

I am the pied piper of royal icing.

And sprinkles

The lineup


This is James and I after we got stuck in that snowstorm in Amarillo 8 years ago.

Jimmy, after getting stuck in a sprinkle storm.

To be used later.

Because a boy needs SOMETHING, after all.

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Jaimey said...

Wow! I wanna know where you got those molds?! Those are so cool. I might buy one the houses for sale next to you so I can be a neighbor and get one! :) Great job!