Thursday, March 26, 2009

Psychotic Robin

There's a room on the ground floor of our house that serves as a craft room/piano room/guest room. It's got windows on two walls, which let in lots of great light - one set of windows looks out the front of our house, the other looks out the side. The side window doesn't have much of a view, unless you enjoy looking at a fence and the side of my neighbor's house, but this is apparently the best place to stage a full scale attack on my least, if you're a robin. For weeks now, this crazy bird has been perching on the fence and systematically flying at the windows, pecking and scratching. Obviously, it sees its reflection and thinks it's fighting another bird, but for all the silliness of that (you'd think he'd get it after smacking into the glass roughly 4000 times), it's a tenacious little thing. I've tried everything - taping a photo of a cat up there, covering the outside of the windows with tissue paper, putting balloons in the windows with faces drawn on them...I'm going to ridiculous lengths here, because the dadgum thing is leaving scratch marks on the glass, and I'm worried it will a) break my window or b) break its beak and die a slow, agonizing death (and while the constant assault is annoying, I don't wish the stupid thing any harm). I looked this phenomenon up online today, and it's actually not uncommon. There were several suggestions, but the one I decided to try is soaping the windows, so they aren't reflective. If my neighbors were looking out their side windows this morning, they got a curious view - me in my sweats, up on a ladder, vigorously attacking my windows with a bar of soap. And let me tell you - those babies are now what you might call "opaque". We'll see if it works.

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Jaimey said...

If it were not for the potential breakage of the window I would say put a mirror up there and let him have at himself. :) I know, I'm rude. Someone call PITA.