Monday, April 20, 2009

Share and Share Alike

You know how sometimes, you just click with a group of people? Not CLIQUE, just works and is easy? Almost like family, but different, because you've all chosen each other. Anyway, we have that with these two couples, the D'elias and the Schultzes. We started calling them the "Oregon Family" at some point, which got shortened to "the O.F.", which stuck. James's main birthday wish this year was to have the O.F. come over for the day - a wish they fulfilled for him this last Saturday.

Matt D's birthday is three days after J's, and we learned that he was not having a party this year, so we decided to surprise him and make it his party too :)

The lovely ladies of the O.F. - Kimberly ('Berly) and the incomparable Traci.

Matt's gift - we all went in together (why there's not a giant stack).

He liked it!

Jeremy and James, soaking up the gorgeous weather.

Giant chocolate birthday cake from Papa Haydn's in Portland.

Gluten free, dairy free, egg free brownies for the members of the O.F. with some food allergies. What a fun opportunity to use my new DeMarle silicon bundt mold! The brownies were from a mix I found in the health food aisle at Fred Meyer and were actually pretty tasty!

Jimmy enjoyed the cake and felt that his father should enjoy it too - through the forehead.

After our afternoon of chatter and fun supper (pizza, hot wings and spinach salad, not to mention the humongous cake and some cocktails), some more chatter and Jimmy heading off to bed, we adjourned to the TV room to play some Wii. We just got this funny game called "Raving Rabbids" that uses the Wii Fit - it was so fun!

James, steering with his rear end.

Matt and Jeremy, enjoying the show.

Traci and James, having a dance off. This was prior to James and 'Berly's dance-off in which my husband broke into an 1840's prospector dance, complete with accent.

'Berly. She can dance - off all day, EVERY day.

Matt, doin' the birthday shuffle.

We love these folks. They never hesitate to come together and make one of our number feel loved and special. Spending time with them is as easy as breathing - well, breathing in great gasps between huge gales of laughter. We love you, O.F.!!


traci said...

and we love you too!! thanks again for a fantabulous evening!

Berly said...

We are so lucky! Thanks for inviting us to help celebrate :) Love you guys tons!!!