Sunday, May 31, 2009

KC Zoo

We hit the zoo this morning as soon as it opened. Jimmy loves animals, and, though I lived in Kansas for 23 years, I somehow never made it to the zoo in KC.
This was before it got wicked hot and humid. You can't see it, but we're smiling.

Looking at the otters

Watching the otters swim underneath the walkway

Dancing to the music playing over by the sea lions

Can you spot Jimmy and I at the top of the Baobob tree?

James, sliding down through the tree

Mama petting a llama. I asked Jimmy if he wanted to pet it, and he said, "You do it." (He's on my back here)

Kangaroo. No cage. Am I the only person who grew up with the notion that kangaroos punch people in the face? Did I get that from a cartoon?

Goose and baby geeses

Sheep stampede!!

Then, we rode a boat

to see the hippos

Jimmy, roaring in front of the lions

Then, we rode a train

This idea was a huge hit

My boys. At this point, it was WAY hot and humid, and we were about adventured out. Jimmy and I are looking forward to hanging around the house tomorrow, as James works (remote) - thanks, James's employer!! On Tuesday, the little dude and I will say goodbye to the big dude for a few weeks, as James returns home, and Jimmy and I go back to Lawrence to finish out our Kansas vacation. Goodbyes are not my favorite.

KU Natural History Museum

James and I both have fond childhood memories of the KU Natural History Museum - the giant dioramas of animals, the fluorescing rocks in the room with the black light, the live snakes (okay, James has fond memories of that last one). We took Jimmy yesterday to make some new memories.

His favorites were the fluorescing rocks and the awesome beehive in this tree. There's a tube for the bees to travel to the outside and windows on either side for watching them dance. Too cool!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Family Photo Fun

In my in-laws' gorgeous Kansas City back yard. Moi, my sister-in-law, Lucy with her kids, Connor (4) and Eva (9), James and Jimmy, My mother-in-law, Sharrel and my father-in-law, Jim.

The sibling rivalry lives!! (Just kiddin'...or AM I?!?!?)

Hi Thomas!!

My childhood friend, Tracy, upon hearing when we'd be in Kansas, told me about this very cool Thomas the Train thing that would be in Baldwin (15 minutes from my parents' house) this weekend. We bought the tickets way in advance and met up with Tracy and her two boys (and her friend and HER two boys) yesterday morning. When Jimmy saw we were not on yet another shopping trip or at yet another restaurant, he was thrilled beyond belief. When he saw that it was a whole activity focused on toddlers, he was practically ecstatic!!

They had a fire truck, available for climbing in, which he had to be pried out of. :)

And a whole tent full of toy trains! Some were battery operated, running around tracks, with seats for the little guys who were even allowed to TOUCH the trains! Others were just plain old toy trains that require hands and imagination to run.

And there was a big train with "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH" posted around it roughly 400 times running on a table in the back. That held his attention for quite some time.

Then, we got to ride the train! It was so fun to see how much Jimmy enjoyed it and how happy it made him. Tracy is a genius!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Both of James's parents grew up in Warrensburg, MO, and THEIR mothers both still live there. We always go out to see them, especially important since the J bird joined our little family, and this visit was no exception. It's so wonderful to see Jimmy with his "greats".
Showing Great Aunt Carolyn how to go down the stairs.

James with his Grandma Olivia

Jimmy, waiting for the slowpokes

The little dude had had just about enough travel by this day, so he was a wee bit of a pill. He had to be bribed with jelly beans to sit on Great Grandma's lap.

Once he got to know her a little though, he loved her as much as we all do.

After spending some time at Olivia's, we met James's OTHER grandma for lunch, then we went over to her place.

Where Jimmy took her picture! Not a bad shot of sweet Doris, I must say.

I'll be posting photos very soon of our Thomas the Train adventure today. We're packing a lot of activity into a relatively short period of time, but aren't we having fun!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Wedding

These are only some of the many, many photos I took last night. I wasn't able to get lots of things, because I was a participant - and carrying a giant camera down the aisle just isn't DONE, darling, don't you know? :) Anyway, here are some shots from our sweet friends' very important day.

Laura's little sister

Laura's older sister. I don't know what those shlubs in the groom's room were drinking, but in the bride's room, WE were sipping champagne.

Laura's Mama

The dress...

Sometimes, beauty is pain.

Laura and her best friend from childhood, Robin (also a bridesmaid)

She made a stinkin' GORGEOUS bride, don't you think? Not that she's chopped liver normally, but WOW.

One of the little ring bearers, Beau and his mom

groomsmen, Casey and Noel

Mine own groom, lo these many years

Important items used in the ceremony, including the tallit, the Kiddush cup and the glass Elliot stomped on, which will be remade into a mezuzah for their home (it's in the velvet pouch).

Centerpieces for the reception

The cats at our table

First dance

CAKE. This was maybe the best wedding cake I've ever tasted. Seriously.

They were sweet and didn't smash any cake. I hate cake smashing. So rude.

There were some speeches and toasts and a photo montage of their lives. And then, we boogied.

...and boogied...
...and boogied some more.

The two old pals, celebrating their luck at catching two such babes.

Congratulations again, Laura and Elliot!! It meant so much to James and I both to be part of your wonderful day.