Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Layout

Photos should be clearer and easier to see, as the reading pane is not transparent. I also like the sort of "retro" look. Like it?

Jaimey's 30th...I Mean 29th...Again

My friend, Jaimey's birthday was yesterday, and she was going to make her own cupcakes. I think that's a crime, so I made them instead.

She's expecting a baby, but she doesn't know the gender yet, so I made white cake filled with either strawberry or blueberry jam and topped with either strawberry or blueberry buttercream icing, sprinkles and little Js piped with melted almond bark.

Her special cupcake had a tiara on it.

Jimmy got to eat the leftover Js.

Which thrilled him.

We met Jaimey and her family at the Tuesday market. It was roughly 4000 degrees outside, so it was just our family and theirs, and no one stayed long. The buttercream got melty, and her special cupcake got smashed, but we had a nice time anyway, and - be proud of me - I ate ONE cupcake and sent the rest home with Jaimey. After all, she's pregnant. She's allowed. :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Moving On...

Since I was in the mood, and I'd finished up with the fruit we picked the other day (at least to the extent I'd wanted to mess with it), I moved on today to the strawberries in the freezer that James picked while Jimmy and I were in Kansas.

I made jam and a strawberry pie, and I made a horrible abomination that aspired to be strawberry bread. I'm going to have to re-try that one.

I believe I am ready for a day off.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Berry Everything-But-Shortcake

One of the many wonderful things about Oregon is the availability of amazing fruit and vegetables. We love to go to the farmer's markets during the long season to procure said fruit and vegetables, and our local grocery store even sells some local produce, which is awesome. For some reason, we'd yet to actually go to one of the many, MANY "you pick" places to pick our own berries. A grievous oversight, to be sure. James worked from home on Thursday, and on his lunch hour we took Jimmy and went berry pickin'.

We picked blueberries...

...and marionberries. 24 pounds in all.

I had never heard of a marionberry before moving to the Northwest. It's kind of like a mix between a blackberry and maybe a raspberry. Pretty tart, and very sour if not ripe. Trust me. I tried one that wasn't ripe and my face tried to swallow itself.

So anyway, what to do with 24 pounds of berries?

I started with a blueberry buckle (recipe coming soon).

Then moved on to muffies.

How about a marionberry pie?

Or, perhaps some jam?

Lots and LOTS of jam.

Oh, the jam. Favorite of all the spreadable fruit products.

In other news, across from the berry fields was this little reminder of home. Le sigh.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Creamsicle Experiment

Jimmy's got this peeing in the potty thing down. Which is awesome. It's TWO we're still working on. He's currently on day FIVE of refusing to poop AT ALL, because he doesn't want to go in the potty. My Mama had a fantastic suggestion, which was to give him a popsicle or something while he sits and tell him he has to finish it on the potty.

Here's how it went:

The horror.

I maintain that he gets his stubborn streak from his father, who, to the best of my knowledge does do his business in the big boy potty. So there's hope.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Market

My friend, Jaimey goes every week to the Tuesday Farmer's Market in Hillsboro, convening with any other friends who want to join her in a shady spot under a magnolia tree to eat supper and let the kids play in the shade. Jimmy and I joined the group this evening and had a great time.


Monday, July 20, 2009

My Garden In Full Summer

Calla Lily

Bee Balm (Monarda)

Stargazer Lilies



Black Eyed Susan





Sunday, July 19, 2009

Garage Sale Madness

We had one of the most successful garage sale experiences I've ever had the pleasure to be part of yesterday...and I go garage sale-ing a LOT. I've even dragged James along with me a few times, and though he denies it vociferously, I suspect he's starting to acquire a taste for it.

We met our friends, the Shihs in their neighborhood around 9, the time the "neighborhood sale" was to start. There were a lot of garage sales, but they were very spread out, so we did a lot of walking. I count that as exercise, don't you?

If I haven't talked about this 4,000 times yet, let me just say that there's something so truly wonderful to me about garage sales. You get a look at people's junk, you can sort through and find the occasional treasure, AND you can dicker. I love to dicker.


Here's the haul:

I totally scored in the book department. I have a moral objection to paying full price for most things, including books and especially children's books (apologies to my friend, Julia, illustrates children's books...).

Here they are again, arranged in an artistic fashion, that you may bask in their loveliness.

I was thrilled to find a bunch of classic Little Golden Books for a quarter each at TWO different sales, including these favorites from mine own childhood.

I bought a big bag full of play food for $3. I call this photo, "the Drunken Baby". Classy.

I call this one, "The Scariest Cheese Face Ever".

And now, presenting the find that will thrill me for at least a week or two...

We found this train table...

...with tracks, cars, people, trees, buildings, signs and other accoutrements for $30. THIRTY BUCKS.

We've been wanting to get one, but I have a moral objection to paying full price for things. Have I mentioned that?

Which is why I love garage sales. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


After a lovely week or so of cool, rainy weather, it's gotten hot again (blech), which always calls for running through the sprinkler!

I don't really see the point in having more clothes to wash (I HATE DOING LAUNDRY), so he usually runs through the sprinkler nakey. Good thing he loves to go buck.

I'll just test it with my toe first...

Before going all in!

"I take a showah! Wash a haiw!"

He got good and muddy and had a great time, staying out until bath time.

Another favorite thing for our boy. His favorite way to end the day!