Monday, September 28, 2009

The Artiste At Work

Since I'm feeling so much better, the TV is spending the majority of the day in the OFF position, and we're finding other things to occupy our time together. Jimmy has a passion for painting, something I like to think he got from his Mama, so after lunch today, I pulled out the supplies. As I was setting up, he kept saying, "I so 'cited, Mommy! Mommy!! I so 'cited!!"

Contemplating his palette.

And getting down to work.

Tracing his hands with ANYTHING is an endless source of amusement. Crayons, pencils....paint, apparently.

"Ta- daaaa!!"

Oh yeah.

And his "'citement" only grew when I dug up a frame from my stash and slipped his masterpiece under the glass.

"Hi painting! What are you doin'?"

We're making the transition with his room from nursery to "his" space, so I let him choose where he wanted me to hang his painting. The utter joy on his face when it went up...well...

...this isn't what it looked like. This is how he looked when I made him pose again, but you get the idea. He was thrilled. He's upstairs, gazing at it now...

Happy Birthday and So Long

Our sweet friends, Jeremy and Kimberly (aka Berly, aka Birdie) are leaving Oregon to move back to the face of the sun - I mean Arizona, so we just had to get the O.F. together one more time on Saturday before they left to celebrate Berly's birthday and to bid them a very fond farewell.

I made potato soup and breadbowls, which went over well, along with some herbed chicken and some salad.

Tucking in

The birthday girl.

I also made an almond chocolate torte, which was, if I may credit AllRecipes, divine.

Happy birthday, Birdie! We'll miss you guys terribly, and we look forward to visiting you in Arizona...just not in the summer time. ;)


Jimmy and I went for a lovely ramble this morning. I can't tell you how nice it felt to get out and stretch my legs a little after so many weeks of being so sick. We walked around our neighborhood, then down the little walkway of the "green space" between neighborhoods.

The J-bird loves this bridge.

We also walked up the street to the little neighborhood park, which delighted my poor, outdoors deprived (lately) child no end. This photo is multi- layered - he was riding the whale, which he loves, while being distracted by someone's cat (he loves cats) and enjoying the trash trucks as they went by (you can see one in the background). be a little boy.

He went down "the big slide" roughly 4000 times.

And then, on the walk home, he decided to " 'tend to be doggy"...until he saw a real dog, which terrified him. The dog was behind a fence, but J still had to cover his eyes with his hands as he walked by. That's MY kid. :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Connoiseurs Of Fine Art

Every year, our little town has a "Sidewalk Chalk Festival". Each person who wants to participate pays a little fee and gets a square of sidewalk downtown to decorate, along with a tray of chalk pastels with which to decorate. The art ranges from little kid drawings of Sponge Bob to really amazing portraits or copies of famous paintings and everything in between. James and Jimmy have developed a routine over the last five weekends or so of heading downtown to Maggie's Buns for breakfast on Saturday mornings. The festival was last week, but it was raining, so they waited until this week to peruse the temporary gallery.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Now Presenting, Itsy Bitsy

I'll be honest, I never intended to be quite so publicly...let's say...WHINY (SO sorry), but the last two months have been miserable for me. I've had four days of feeling MUCH better though, and today I got a reward for all that suffering.

I had an appointment this morning for 12 week screening, which included an ultrasound, and WOW - what a difference from the 6 week peek, which looked like this:

For that much growth to occur in six weeks (I won't say "6 short weeks" because they took forever) is utterly astounding to me, and I suppose it makes sense that the hormones it takes to facilitate that growth might make a person a little sick. It was amazing to see the baby kicking and rolling and wiggling in there. It made it...real, and I felt truly excited for the first time, which was a wonderful relief.

I won't get the results of the blood testing for a week to ten days, but I'm not too worried. At any rate, it wouldn't change anything, other than to help us prepare should our child have some special needs.

So, it was a big morning.

After the ultrasound, I went across the hall for my 3 month checkup. All is well there. Then, I went across the parking lot for a flu shot. THANK YOU to my neighbor, Wendee for keeping Jimmy for the morning. He's a good boy, but two hours of being in the doctor's office makes an adult a little antsy( makes ME antsy anyway), let alone an active little dude. The J-bird was thrilled to spend the morning with his best pal and hugging buddy, Dahlia (aka "Dolly"), and now, he's contentedly finishing a popsicle before his nap. Apparently, it's good to be the king (teehee).

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Rain Gear

The Games Toddlers Play

We've been getting out into the yard as much as possible this week, and it's been warm enough to break out the ol' bucket of water for Jimmy (supervised, of course).

He watered the grass, the patio, even some flowers.

Then he watered his own head, which, I'll tell you, cracked his father and I up. After that, he decided to take the water from the bucket...

...and transfer it to the cooler. He also gave the slide a good dousing.

to make way for his train, which had to touch each step before zooooming down the slide over and over.

He was quite pleased with himself.

There's just nothing like a two year old.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Perilous Picking of Grapes

Jimmy and I braved every bee and bug in the county to pick some of the grapes off the vines in our back yard this afternoon. We didn't quite get half of them - would have gotten the rest if I were taller. Me on a ladder when I'm NOT pregnant makes James nervous, let alone when I am, so I'll have to leave the rest to him.

Jimmy was more than pleased with our harvest, though he insists on calling them "blueberries", and he kept rubbing his tummy, saying "MmmmMMMMMmmmm...tasty!!"

See what I mean about the bees? Luckily, they don't bother me much, but Jimmy is terrified by anything that creeps or crawls. Don't even get me started on his reaction to the little frog we saw!!

They went into the sink for a good wash - at least one earwig and one bee lost their lives in this sink. I call that revenge for the earwig that went down my shirt outside. Earwigs DO freak me out. Blech.

And there they are! I'm not all that sure what I'm going to DO with all of them, but...there they are.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Breakfast In Bed

So that I can get a slow start in the morning to avoid too much nausea, Jimmy and I have taken to eating breakfast in my bed. To him, there is nothing better than dry cereal, a cup of milk and cartoons. To ME, there's nothing better than that sweet little ornery smiling face first thing in the morning.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Somewhere along the line, James started calling Jimmy "buddy" all the time. Now, our boy calls US "buddy", as in - "Pwease, buddy-I need candy!" or "Thanks, buddy!" when we hand him something he wants, "Sorry buddy!" when he's done something naughty, or even "You okay buddy?", always asked with solicitous little pats.

Then, the other night, after I'd taken him out of the bathtub, he stood there in his towel, waving and blowing kisses to the water as it went down the drain, saying (in his sweet little voice), "Thank you water! I love you, water! You go home now, water!" What am I supposed to do with that? He's so sweet, I might get cavities. Which would be bad, because I'm rather prone to cavities anyway.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Counting Stars

I'm still alive. I've had a stretch of pretty brutal days, but I'll continue to live through it, thanks to my boys. James has been amazing - if I have a need, he fills it. If it needs to be done, he does it. Jimmy's been pretty amazing too - on really bad mornings, he sits in bed with me, eating dry cereal and drinking milk while watching "Dora the Explorer" on Netflix streaming. I lie on my side and try not to vomit, and if I doze off, he pats me when he's ready for another Dora. This morning, he told me he knew I was sick and that I should lie down on the bed and watch a show.

It was adorable.

Topped only by this: my mom gave Jimmy this stuffed turtle that projects stars onto the ceiling, and he loves it. We turn it on every night while we're rocking before bed, then turn out the light and look at the pretty stars.
This evening, as we cuddled and rocked he said "Count the stars, Mama."
"Can you count them?" says I, thinking of working on his numbers.
"I can't. I'm too little" was the reply, followed by a giggle.

Gosh I love that kid.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Some Time In The Garden

Today was a good day, so Jimmy and I spent a little time in the garden this evening. It's sorely in need of some attention, but we love being out there all the same.
We be-bopped around for awhile.

Then we began our inspection.

The apples are just starting to turn red.

The purple phlox is in full bloom.

I'm not sure if my tomatoes will ever ripen, since it's been so wet, but they're pretty anyway.

And then there are the grapes, which are almost all ready.

Jimmy's been waiting for this moment all summer.

Time with my little punkin' makes any day a good one.