Monday, September 28, 2009

The Artiste At Work

Since I'm feeling so much better, the TV is spending the majority of the day in the OFF position, and we're finding other things to occupy our time together. Jimmy has a passion for painting, something I like to think he got from his Mama, so after lunch today, I pulled out the supplies. As I was setting up, he kept saying, "I so 'cited, Mommy! Mommy!! I so 'cited!!"

Contemplating his palette.

And getting down to work.

Tracing his hands with ANYTHING is an endless source of amusement. Crayons, pencils....paint, apparently.

"Ta- daaaa!!"

Oh yeah.

And his "'citement" only grew when I dug up a frame from my stash and slipped his masterpiece under the glass.

"Hi painting! What are you doin'?"

We're making the transition with his room from nursery to "his" space, so I let him choose where he wanted me to hang his painting. The utter joy on his face when it went up...well...

...this isn't what it looked like. This is how he looked when I made him pose again, but you get the idea. He was thrilled. He's upstairs, gazing at it now...

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Jaimey said...

Love that! G loves to trace his hands too. Hands are amazing little things. I am fascinated by his too. I love to snuggle and kiss them. :) Glad you are feeling better. We gotta get together soon!