Saturday, September 12, 2009

Counting Stars

I'm still alive. I've had a stretch of pretty brutal days, but I'll continue to live through it, thanks to my boys. James has been amazing - if I have a need, he fills it. If it needs to be done, he does it. Jimmy's been pretty amazing too - on really bad mornings, he sits in bed with me, eating dry cereal and drinking milk while watching "Dora the Explorer" on Netflix streaming. I lie on my side and try not to vomit, and if I doze off, he pats me when he's ready for another Dora. This morning, he told me he knew I was sick and that I should lie down on the bed and watch a show.

It was adorable.

Topped only by this: my mom gave Jimmy this stuffed turtle that projects stars onto the ceiling, and he loves it. We turn it on every night while we're rocking before bed, then turn out the light and look at the pretty stars.
This evening, as we cuddled and rocked he said "Count the stars, Mama."
"Can you count them?" says I, thinking of working on his numbers.
"I can't. I'm too little" was the reply, followed by a giggle.

Gosh I love that kid.


Jaimey said...

we have and love that turtle too. I think we need a second one for this lil babe now. :)

Becca Booth said...

We have that turtle too! Best gift ever. Scout at 6 still turns it on every night so she can sleep under the stars.
Glad things are looking a bit better!!