Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday and So Long

Our sweet friends, Jeremy and Kimberly (aka Berly, aka Birdie) are leaving Oregon to move back to the face of the sun - I mean Arizona, so we just had to get the O.F. together one more time on Saturday before they left to celebrate Berly's birthday and to bid them a very fond farewell.

I made potato soup and breadbowls, which went over well, along with some herbed chicken and some salad.

Tucking in

The birthday girl.

I also made an almond chocolate torte, which was, if I may credit AllRecipes, divine.

Happy birthday, Birdie! We'll miss you guys terribly, and we look forward to visiting you in Arizona...just not in the summer time. ;)


tracyannc said...

The torte looks most excellent... I will plan my trip now for my birthday ;)

Geneva said...

That would be so much fun!!

Jaimey said...

By by Birdie! Enjoy the land of the sun! :( Take care. and happy belated birthday!

Berly said...

What a bittersweet night... yay but boo. We'll miss you guys dearly!!! Thanks for everything Houx family :)

PS. Thanks for the well-wishes Jaimey!