Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Perilous Picking of Grapes

Jimmy and I braved every bee and bug in the county to pick some of the grapes off the vines in our back yard this afternoon. We didn't quite get half of them - would have gotten the rest if I were taller. Me on a ladder when I'm NOT pregnant makes James nervous, let alone when I am, so I'll have to leave the rest to him.

Jimmy was more than pleased with our harvest, though he insists on calling them "blueberries", and he kept rubbing his tummy, saying "MmmmMMMMMmmmm...tasty!!"

See what I mean about the bees? Luckily, they don't bother me much, but Jimmy is terrified by anything that creeps or crawls. Don't even get me started on his reaction to the little frog we saw!!

They went into the sink for a good wash - at least one earwig and one bee lost their lives in this sink. I call that revenge for the earwig that went down my shirt outside. Earwigs DO freak me out. Blech.

And there they are! I'm not all that sure what I'm going to DO with all of them, but...there they are.


Jaimey said...

Yum! Eat them or call me and I will. :)

tracyannc said...

Wow.... what's an earwig though?

tracyannc said...

This looks good:


tracyannc said...

This one too, & I don't even like cake! This month's issue had several grape recipes in it!