Monday, September 28, 2009


Jimmy and I went for a lovely ramble this morning. I can't tell you how nice it felt to get out and stretch my legs a little after so many weeks of being so sick. We walked around our neighborhood, then down the little walkway of the "green space" between neighborhoods.

The J-bird loves this bridge.

We also walked up the street to the little neighborhood park, which delighted my poor, outdoors deprived (lately) child no end. This photo is multi- layered - he was riding the whale, which he loves, while being distracted by someone's cat (he loves cats) and enjoying the trash trucks as they went by (you can see one in the background). be a little boy.

He went down "the big slide" roughly 4000 times.

And then, on the walk home, he decided to " 'tend to be doggy"...until he saw a real dog, which terrified him. The dog was behind a fence, but J still had to cover his eyes with his hands as he walked by. That's MY kid. :)

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