Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

We got our tree up and decorated on Saturday. James and I always love this process, but since Jimmy's only two and can't possibly remember last year or the year before, it's like it's new all over again for him! A third first Christmas? How cool is that? He had a blast hanging ornaments, exclaiming over each one and oohing and aahing over the lights and decorations. It was so sweet, and I love the way the lower third of our tree just screams "a toddler decorated this!". :)

James's mom gave Jimmy some more Mega Bloks when she was here, and he's been having lots of fun building robots and robot dogs and rocket ships and anything else his little heart can dream up.

We rang in the Season with a viewing of the good ol' fashioned Grinch movie. Jimmy was entranced, and it brought back such memories.

...and here's a good one of my little dude, "playing" the piano and singing his little heart out. I wish I'd moved it into the living room sooner - it just makes me so happy to see him enjoying the piano I've always loved.

We'll be welcoming my parents and one of my sisters this weekend for more holiday fun - we'll be packing lots of fun into a couple of short days, as we always must. We're really looking forward to it, and I'll post photos for sure!

I surely do love Christmas. :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Visit From My In-Laws

James's parents made the journey out from Kansas to be with us for Thanksgiving this year, and we had a lovely time!

Jimmy got lots of book reading.

and Grandma let him play with the camera on her phone. They had a fine time taking pictures of each other.

He also got some great Christmas gifts.

like a Matchbox carwash!

The Thanksgiving feast was definitely worth the work.

We had a turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potato and pecan casserole...

home-made rolls

cornbread stuffing

and the ugliest Jell-o mold ever. (It tasted good though. I make Jell-o with cranberry juice instead of making cranberry sauce. I don't like cranberry sauce.)

The menfolks sliced the bird, and we feasted. All except Jimmy, who is apparently on a Ghandi-like hunger strike and ate exactly five bites.

ending with my first ever "from scratch" pumpkin pie

and a pecan pie for good measure. Just in case anyone thought they could escape without gaining several pounds. Because I am pregnant and look like a whale, I must insist that everyone around me also plump up a little. Come on. Have a heart. Eat some pie.

We exchanged some more gifts, then the really intelligent (and/or whale-like) among us took a nap (that'd be Sharrel, Jimmy and myself - ha!)

We had fun playing after supper (Jimmy deigned to eat most of a turkey sandwich and two bites of pie.) The toothbrush in his hand plays "Frosty the Snowman"....for two solid minutes....loudly. Needless to say, Jimmy loves it. We have no idea if this toothbrush (from James's Grandma) was intended for Jimmy, but he fell in love with it and will not relinquish it for anything.

I have now listened to "Frosty the Snowman" many, many times. Loudly.


Can't you almost hear it?

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Helpin' Mama

Work, work, work.

Stirring the corn bread batter for the stuffing.

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

McMinnville Air and Space Museum

Last night, I went out to see "New Moon" with some girlfriends - the first "girls night" I've gone on in...I don't remember how long. Anyway, to pay for that (ha ha) we (James, Jimmy, my father-in-law, Jim, my mother-in law, Sharrel and myself) went on a mainly "guy" adventure today to the Air and Space Museum in McMinnville. I know, I know, there are women who are into planes. I don't happen to be one of them, but James and his dad had a blast, and Jimmy appreciated it much more than he did on his previous two visits (more aware).

Jim, Jimmy and James.

Pretending to ward off the landing plane.

Mom - these seats have lots of buttons!

You like how I didn't comb the bed head out of the back of Jimmy's hair? Quality mothering, that.

"I wanna play with THAT one!"

What's with all the chains?

Bicycle powered wind tunnel.

Kiddo area.

This man is NOT, I repeat: NOT Lt. Denny Smith. If he tries to tell you he is, don't believe him. He's a fraud, I tells ya - a fraud!

Heading up into the "Spruce Goose"

Fun with the glass partition, looking into the "Spruce Goose"

Eh, for a "guys day", it wasn't totally painful. ;)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen...

She's a girl!! We had our ultrasound this morning and learned that we should expect our daughter, Vivian Adele to be born sometime around April 5th.

As the ultrasound tech was focusing on her hands, Vivi waved at us!! The photo she snapped made it look like Vivi was signing "I love you".

Please ignore my wild and crazy hair. Believe it or not, I actually fixed it this morning, but I'd been lying on the u/s bed, craning my neck to see the screen. You know, I was super nervous about the idea of having a girl - girls are complicated and teenaged girls are so difficult...but when we got the news, it just seemed right, you know? So there it is - we're having a daughter - and we're thrilled!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One More

Jimmy: "Mama, let's get dressed up and go bye bye again." (we had just gotten home)
Me: "You want to get dressed up and go bye bye again?"
Jimmy: "Yeah! That's a good idea!"

Good Boy

Jimmy: "Whatcha doin' Mama?"
Me: "Walking up the steps, right behind you."
Jimmy: "Good boy!"

Teaching Manners

Conversation Jimmy was having with his trains in the back seat of the car, as we drove home from the Post Office:

"Don't say 'yuck'; say 'NO thank you'!"
"Don't say 'get outta my WAY'; say "scuuuuuume zeeees'!"

Early Holiday Greeting

Me: "Jimmy, you did a good job going poop in the potty!"
Jimmy: "Merry Christmas!"

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sweet Boy

Jimmy: (as I was rocking him before bed) "Let's count nosies!"
(touching my nose) "One!"
(touching his own nose) "Two! We both have nosies!!"
(leaning up to press his nose to mine) "Beep beep!!"


As we're re-working the guest room so it will function in more than one capacity, I'm enjoying making use of the things we have, in addition to the new things we've bought. This is a bookshelf which will now function as a "closet" for guests - I love a project!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Considerate and Thoughtful

I married this really cute guy, you see, and as he was consolidating all the things in his home office, preparing to vacate it and move to the dual purpose guest room in order to make way for the baby, he looked around and said something like, "You know all that painting and sewing and card making and scrapbooking and stuff you do? What if, instead of making you squirrel all your supplies away in various closets, I built a shared work space in the guest room, so you could have a place too?" And then, (with a little help from Ikea) he did! So now, it's a triple purpose room that somehow has enough space to function and look nice. He's awful nice to me, that husband.