Sunday, December 13, 2009

And The House Smells Awesome

December in our house is gingerbread season. Batch after batch after batch...

I bake up a whole neighborhood of gingerbread houses (still in progress) and crowds of gingerbread men.

Like these.

I mix up veritable vats of icing

in several colors.

It's a mess, and my kitchen looks like a disaster area for a week or so (though I clean the mess up each generates all over again the next day!), but at least I have help.

Here's my little assistant last year

...and here he is this year!

His reward for "helping"

Ahhh....gingerbread season.

This year, I added chocolate shortbread to the rotation as well.

James isn't a big shortbread fan in general, so I don't have an independent review, but I LOVE it, and I think this recipe is a winner. I'll post it later!

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