Friday, December 25, 2009

Having Ourselves A Merry Little Christmas

Though the day is only half over, all the big action has passed, and we had a complete, utter blast! Jimmy chose today to perform the rare feat of sleeping in. I had to wake him up just after 9am from a dead sleep! Once he realized it was Christmas though, he was up and at 'em, and because he'd had so much extra sleep, he was totally rested and has been delightful all day.

When we came downstairs, he found his note from Santa, and James read him the page "Santa" had left about the birth of baby Jesus. His attention was immediately riveted to the train set that was set up under the tree, so he played with that for awhile, and then we looked to see what Santa had put in the stockings (we make stockings from Santa and gifts from James and I - not for being "naughty or nice", but because we love him).

He got candy, some new crayons, a new chapstick (this kid is obsessed with chapstick...I have no idea why) and...

...a crown. Since he will only keep anything on his head for 2.2 seconds, this may be the only time he wears this.

Then - to the presents! We take turns and open them one by one so it lasts longer. Jimmy was in absolute HEAVEN.

"Hmmm....I see what you've done here with this Mr. Potato Head...yes...very interesting."

Scoping Daddy out with his little binoculars.

Three Slinkies!


"Seriously Mom? A cape? Really? Get this thing off me."

Robot truck!!

Bob the Builder workbench.

Pirate ship playset.

Let the playing begin!! We start shopping very early when it comes to Christmas gifts for Jimmy. That way, we can scope the deals and get him all the crazy, wonderful little kid stuff we think he'll like. His utter delight makes it worth it.

Happily, my folks in Kansas were able to get their internet back online, in spite of a crazy, Midwest blizzard, so we got to webcam with them and with James's parents as well.

Then, lunch.


Green bean casserole.

Twice baked potatoes

and deviled eggs.

After which,

Hurricane Jimmy hit the gingerbread house.

With a little help from Tropical Storm Daddy.

From the Houx house to yours, here's wishing you the very merriest. I hope yours has been a day as full of fun and love and family as ours has been!

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tracyannc said...

Andrew got that same pirate ship & a slinky also (only one though!)! Too funny! :)