Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mama's Big Tubby

Somewhere along the line in the last few weeks, Jimmy and I picked up some germs, and now we both have a very minor little cold. Last night, we took a soak in "Mama's BIG tubby" with the jets on to help us both feel a little better...or at least a little cleaner. Jimmy and I do this every few weeks or so, just for fun, and he loves it. The cute part was when he tried to pour water into my belly button "for Vivi". :) I know he doesn't understand fully that he has a REAL sister coming, but it's sweet to see the little bits he does understand. Because he's my first, I worry that he'll feel displaced or pushed aside when she arrives, but in my heart I know that he is a very, very beloved little boy and that HE knows that. He's going to be such a sweet brother I think!

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