Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stone Face

You'd never know by this photo... excited Jimmy was to go see Santa. He chattered about it the whole way over there. He told us how much he loooves Santa. And then....nothin'. The big goose egg. Senor Stone Face.

Until Santa gave him a candy cane. Little stinker.

The Santa on whose lap the J-bird is sitting is a very nice man who sets up "the North Pole" in his front yard every year in our little town during the week before Christmas and lets people come take as many photos as they like for a small donation to the American Cancer Society. This is the third year we've taken Jimmy for a photo - so much nicer than waiting in line at the mall!


Jaimey said...

Very cute! Where is that?

Geneva said...

On Bonnie Ln. in FG.