Sunday, December 6, 2009

Whirlwind Visit

My parents came out for a short visit this weekend, along with one of my sisters! We had a lovely time and tried to pack as much "family fun" as we could into two very short days.

My mom is so excited to have a granddaughter! She gifted our sweet Vivi with some absolutely gorgeous little clothes in several sizes. Won't it be fun to dress her in these? Not pictured is the ADORABLE little tutu and headbands with giant flowers that she also gave us, as well as the sweet little socks that look like Mary Janes from my sister, Tassi. How fun is that?

Mom brought a little wooden Christmas tree for Jimmy to paint. He enlisted his Aunt Tassi to help him and was thrilled with the process and the result. ;)

Tassi was also commanded to assist on the piano, though she was only allotted a tiny portion of the piano...and the bench...

Then Papa took a turn, while the J-bird accompanied him on the saucepan.

That afternoon, Mom went with me for a second ultrasound. They needed to double check one or two of the views of Vivi's heart (everything's fine). I was so excited for my mom to be able to experience an ultrasound with me! Vivi was really active, grabbing her feet, kicking like a Rockette, and..

I swear she blew kisses. ;)

My sister, Emma sent along a copy of "The Three Little Jayhawks" for Jimmy! It's a version of "The Three Little Pigs" that substitutes our fabulous KU mascot for the piggies and the DREADED MISSOURI TIGER for the wolf. It's hilarious, and is guaranteed to make my father-in-law, a loyal TIGER himself, more than a little ill. (teehee)

I'm sure he got this face from James and/or I. He does it for every present!

My mom gave him some absolutely amazing gifts - including this reproduction of the classic, wind up play clock we had when I was a child (which Mom still has) and the awesome wind up play TV as well. They're fantastically well made, and Jimmy loves them. I hope to still have them for my own grandkids to play with someday!

getting ready to go for a walk around the block to look at Christmas lights. It was stinkin' COLD here this weekend. Jimmy's like me though - if it's for the sake of something fun, especially something we're doing "all together", he'll deal!

Saturday morning was our "Christmas" with my folks. Jimmy got to help put everything under the tree, which thrilled him.

Another completely mind-blowing gift. He was so excited! As he unwrapped the box and took the lid off, he kept asking, "What is it? What is it?" and then, when he saw it, said, "Oh! It's my new guitar!!!" I'm inspired to try to learn how to play again, so we can learn some duets. He can pick that up at 2, right? Well....he may be more like 5, by the time I figure it out...

And a tiny accordion! Little known fact: my brother, Joe is a fantastic accordion player. He took lessons for a long time, but he hates to perform in front of people, so our family were the main beneficiaries of his talent.'s cool. Have I mentioned that I'm also a Weird Al Yankovich fan?

Going back and forth between the play clock and the play TV

Our little town had a "holiday light parade" last night, which we thought would be a delightful family experience. And it was. But it was really, really, really cold. And I, being the genius that I am, didn't even think to take blankets. We bundled up though. Jimmy could barely move. Please notice that the play TV had to go in the car with us - he wasn't turning that thing loose for ANYTHING.

Waiting for the parade to start (late)

Still waiting...but with a candy cane.

Hooray! Jimmy loved it. My poor Mama nearly froze to death though - I felt so bad! She couldn't feel her feet for two hours afterward.

Our church's float.

This maniac was twirling fire...shirtless...wearing ballet slippers...

And Santa on a Harley! I love this town!!

We had a blast with my family, though it was, as always, too brief. Thank you, Mom, Dad and Tassi for coming all the way out here and enduring all the cold and the hubbub to be with us for a couple of days near Christmas. It means so much to us - we love you!!