Friday, April 2, 2010

Bread Debacle

I have an awesome bread machine that I love, but I wanted to experiment with the dough cycle to see if I could make more than one loaf per batch - bread to freeze for after the baby's born (sometime in the next week!)

After quite a bit of experimentation, I had some...odd results.

The one on the right is the smallest size my machine makes on its own - a little tall for slices or sandwiches. The other three were some of my mutant bread babies.

Including this one, which I tried covering with a towel as it rose. When I took off the towel, it ripped off the "skin" and made the whole thing sink. Tasted good (there were two - we ate the other one), but was dense and flat. Sigh.

I finally worked out how much of the recipe I needed to put in the machine to get two good loaves and then got two good loaves.

After that, puffed up with my victory, I tried to do it again, only to forget to put the paddle back in the bottom of the dough pan. The ingredients sat in the dough pan for two hours and didn't get mixed. I gave up.

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Jaimey said...

seriously just laughed out loud at the mutant bread babies comment. :)