Monday, April 19, 2010


My OB and I worked out a compromise when I got pregnant. A certain number of days past my due date, and we'd go in for a repeat c-section. Well, my due date passed with NO sign that our sweet girl was going to make an appearance. The days went by, and...nothing. Our path started to come clear.

First, my mom arrived.

She learned all about the J-bird's routine, we relaxed, and she even took me for a pedicure! Hers is red, mine is pink (in honor of a baby girl, don't you know.)

Mom marveled at my giant bump.

And we enjoyed our last day as a family of three by playing outside with our darling boy.

The morning of the 9th arrived, and James and I got ready to head to the hospital for an early check-in.

We arrived at Labor and Delivery and got checked in. I got an IV, and James got a "bunny suit", hat and mask. I walked into the operating room, got a spinal block (not so bad) and was situated on the table. James was brought in to sit by me, and the doctors and nurses got on with their work. Unlike last time, my arms weren't tied down, so James and I were able to hold hands, which was good, because even though I'd been through this before, I was terribly nervous.

and then, like a miracle, our sweet girl was here! When Jimmy was born, everyone in the delivery room exclaimed over his dimples. Not to be outdone, this little darlin' made her debut with a head of gorgeous red hair!

She weighed 8 pounds and 14 ounces and was 19 inches long. It ended up being a very good thing that our path included a c-section, as V's cord was wrapped around her neck twice! Though I was sad to miss my chance at a VBAC, I am thrilled that she's here, and she's safe.

And any worries I had that I couldn't possibly love any other child as much as my J-bird evaporated with her first cry. My heart doubled immediately.

They gave Vivi to James, and we got to be together for a long time, which was fantastic.

James went with V as she was cleaned up and checked over. He held her hand and sang to her, and she was completely calm by the time they wheeled me back to see her.

We knew one another at once. ;)

We recovered for awhile, then moved to a different room, and James went home to get my mom and the J-bird. V gave her brother a gift (a pirate with buttons and zippers and ties), and the J-bird brought his sister a fluffy bunny.

I believe James likes his daughter.

And we settled into our hospital stay. I won't lie to you, a c-section is very painful, and the recovery is difficult. I'm a week and a half out now, and I'm still hobbling around like a little old lady. It's rough. But look what we got from it!

Both my babies.

Family of four!

Mom was initially planning on staying until the following Friday, but since I needed her, she opted to stay an extra couple of days, and BOY were we glad. It was amazing and wonderful having her here. She was able to be here for some fun firsts too, like V's first bath!

...and just to see her "wake up" a little bit, day by day.

So, here's our sweet Vivian Adele. We love her so much!

This is the dress I went home from the hospital in almost 32 years ago!


Buffee Ann said...

I love it, G! I am so happy! Lots of love to you all! XOXO

tracyannc said...

Beautiful, just like you! :)

Jaimey said...

Such a sweet peanut! Love her. Hugs!