Thursday, April 29, 2010


At almost three weeks, here's the progress on our little girl: She still sleeps a lot during the day and is virtually un-wake-able. It's too early yet for a schedule, though I have been able to finagle simultaneous napping in the afternoon for her and her brother...which is awesome. She loves to nurse and is very, very good at it. She usually starts the night with a big chunk of sleep, but is then up every 2-3 hours after that. She thinks the greatest joke ever is to wait until she has a new diaper on, or - even better - is mid- diaper change to poop like a maniac. She adores her bath and gets one each evening, just for fun. She doesn't fuss much unless she's hungry. Her hair is, indeed, still red ;)

She is a major snuggler. She often crosses her sweet little ankles when she's eating or just really comfy.

She is precious beyond all reason.

And I am completely smitten.

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