Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I took V for an appointment with Dr. N (the surgeon) this morning to see what he thought about the hemangioma on V's eyelid, now that she's been on the medication for a little while. Though he agreed with me that it's not any smaller, he did think it might be a little softer, which could be a good sign. We're upping her dose of medication, which has its good and bad sides - the good being that it might make a difference and help us to avoid surgery, the bad being that it already makes V pretty sick to her tummy at the current dose, which leads to lots of crying and not much sleeping. I'll take her back in two weeks, and if it's remained static or grown, we'll probably schedule a surgery at that time. If it's shrinking, we'll keep her on the medication, provided the side effects haven't become intolerable. I'm torn, because I do NOT want to put her through surgery, but I hate seeing her in this much discomfort, knowing it might be prolonged. There just doesn't seem to be a great option. But hey - maybe it is getting "softer"...and maybe it will quickly go away. That's what I'm praying for.

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Berly said...

We'll be keeping your little River Dance Baby in our thoughts. Love and miss you guys!