Friday, July 9, 2010

3 Months

At three months old, Miss V is growing like a wild flower. She's a happy, cheerful baby who smiles often and enthusiastically says "Ah-goo!" and who giggled for the first time just yesterday. She's a good sleeper, setting some records at night (EIGHT hours!!), especially in comparison to her brother, who never slept. Ever. Oh...the sleepless, sleepless nights with that one...for a year and a half...

Moving on.

She's feeling much, much better since we took her off the medicine, and her tummy issues have rapidly tapered off as all of the med exits her system. Though the coming MRI and surgery make me nervous, with that awful, clenched feeling in my gut, seeing her back to her jolly little self lets me know that taking her off the Propranolol was the right decision, as difficult as it was to make.

It's funny; I had some of those typical worries when I was pregnant with V, you know? I was worried about having a second baby, worried about having a girl, worried about a lot of silly things, but V is wonderful, amazing, a GIFT! At 3 months out from her birth, things are coming together as far as parenting two children at once goes, managing all the mommy stuff with the wife stuff and the me stuff and the house stuff...there's a lot of stuff. Anyway, I know that I was simply meant to be the mother of this fantastic baby girl and her hilarious big brother. Each time I think my heart can't hold any more, the silly thing goes and grows bigger. ;)

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