Friday, July 2, 2010


Hm. Well, doubling V's dose of Propranolol was a disaster. After four doses, she had such bad stomach cramps that she spent almost nine hours in pain, ranging from fussing, writhing and constant nursing to screaming inconsolably. I did everything I could think of to comfort her, bounced and patted and rocked and kissed and sang and wore her in the sling and rubbed her back and nursed and nursed and nursed. And then I called the pediatrician. After which, I called the surgeon. Who told me to back the medication off to the original dose. He also said we'll probably have to go ahead and schedule an MRI. I'm trying not to think about that yet, because, frankly, it scares me to death. I'm disappointed. I'm worried. I'm sick at heart. And yet, I can't help thinking that maybe there's hope yet. Maybe it will respond, even to the lower dose. Maybe.

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