Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Day

James works for a very large company, and one of the things they are proud of is being a "great place to work". They try to do nice things for their employees and their employees' families. Today was such an event. The company, in conjunction with Radio Disney filled up PGE park with employees, families, bounce houses, crafts, face painting, free food, Disney music artists and lots of other fun stuff.

James and the J-bird, picking the nose of some art in front of the Park.

On the precipice of fun.

Bounce house joy

Miss V, in her sling.

My son, getting his first tattoo...

A zebra, but of course.

Even Miss V had a bracelet to signify that she was allowed in the party ;)

Quite exclusive.

The middle of the field was full of kickballs and bouncy balls and hula hoops

When we got tired of playing, we got some lunch and perched in the stands to watch some impossibly young Disney singers perform.

Sharing the J-bird's first sno-cone.

Jasmine somebody. She sang after Savannah somebody. They were both really singing and did a nice job, and I felt like I should have known who they were. I'll bet my sister, Tassi would have!

Am I almost old enough to be a Disney star?

How about me?

The J-bird was fascinated, so I took him down by the stage to watch up close.

This is some Disney group called "Savvy". They made me feel terribly, terribly old as I tried very hard not to giggle at their serious faces and "sexy" moves. One of them was wearing a powder blue Members Only jacket. Are those retro enough to be cool again? Please say no...feeling even older now...

What a fun day!

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Jaimey said...

looks like a fun time!

I can tell I am getting old. I am no longer on the forefront of pop culture. I watch access hollywood or whatever and have no idea who half the people are they are talking about. :(