Thursday, July 15, 2010

Has It Been Six Years Yet?

Jimmy was very sad yesterday morning to find that my parents were gone. I told him that we would be getting on an airplane to go see them soon, so he asked if we could go right after breakfast. When I told him it would be awhile, he said, "Weeelll...maybe after lunch." I told him it would be more like six weeks (I was wrong - it's actually seven). He seemed to accept that. About half an hour later, he asked me, "Has it been six years yet?" And when nap time rolled around, he wondered if he couldn't just take his nap on the airplane on his way to Granny and Papa's house. The same thing happened at bedtime, when he was VERY distressed that we were not on our way to the airport. To help him understand the passage of time a little better, I made him a countdown chart. Each day, he'll cross off the day before, and he'll see us moving one day closer to our trip.

He was delighted to make his first X this morning, and I think some of his sadness is ebbing. It breaks my heart to see him missing his grandparents so, but it also makes me so happy to know how much he loves them!

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becki said...

I'm counting down the days too!