Monday, July 5, 2010


Happy blowing stuff up day - er...I mean - Happy Fourth of July! Even though today is the 5th...oh well. I have TWO kids now, and my kitchen was trashed last night, so I spent my time after they went to bed cleaning up.

Here are my two cherubs, all spiffed up for church.

My sweet husband loves most holidays, but there are a few that are his particular favorites. Halloween is one. July 4th is another. When he was younger, he would work all summer to earn money JUST for fireworks. He's...a bit of a pyro, methinks.

Unfortunately for him, Oregon doesn't allow any fireworks that go over three feet and doesn't allow anything exploding at all (my understanding). So, he had to content himself with poppers, snakes, smoke bombs and fountains. Poor baby.

The J-bird did poppers last year, but one of the joys of small children is that they forget things like that, so you get to watch them experience it all "for the first time"...a few times.

He caught on quickly.

Meanwhile, V and I walked around the garden, being girly and looking at flowers.

The boys moved from poppers to smoke bombs.

What with the lighting...

...and the running...

Ahh...peaceful flowers....

...and more smoke bombs!!

Then, we moved on to the great snake saga. Those suckers would NOT light. Even with our lighter (which ran out of fluid)

or our matches (which kept getting blown out by the wind)

James finally lit them with sparklers, and...


"Wait, you want me to do what now? HOLD the flaming stick? Oh, I don't think so."

But hey, he's a child. More to the point, he's James's son. Therefore, he quickly got with the sparkler program and enjoyed the fool out of them.

After awhile, we went across the street where a large contingent of neighbors was celebrating. There were sparklers, poppers and fountains aplenty.

And the J-bird got to do sparklers with his best friend in all the world, D.

He was saying, "It's gonna be weally loud!!"

And it was! I hope you had a wonderful Fourth!

PS - I managed to craftily avoid being in any of the photos by strapping V into the sling and manning the camera. She enjoyed watching everyone though, was very good, and didn't object when I covered her ears for the louder things!

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