Monday, August 23, 2010

The Eyes Have It

Tomorrow marks the two week mark. Two weeks since I entrusted my baby's precious eye to a surgeon for a few hours, then took her home afterward to begin a series of sleepless days and nights, helping her recover. Her healing has been amazingly fast, and it's wonderful to see her emerge from the hurting and the bruises and swelling, the fussiness and sleeplessness to come back to herself. Now, you can hardly tell it ever happened. Her right eye will be slightly more "open" than her left for awhile (most noticeable when she's sleepy), both because of the stitches and because the tumor took the place of the fat in part of her eyelid, causing that fat to atrophy. Her eyeball was pushed down for a few months by the growth, so there's a small hollow underneath now. All of this will fill in and resolve over the next few months. It doesn't effect her vision, and she's not uncomfortable. As of Friday, she has a clean bill of health and we're cleared to go on our trip to Kansas in a couple of weeks! Without further ado, here are some photos of my sweet Miss V and her funny brother out in the garden today.


Jody said...

Gorgeous pics!

Anonymous said...

That's wondeful that she's doing better. She's absolutely beautiful.

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