Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting Back To Normal

Someone told me the other day that things are going to feel boring to me, now that V's surgery and all the accompanying anxiety are past. Let me tell you, I welcome the boring. I WANT the boring. I am fully equipped to handle some boring. Sign. Me. Up.

But life is never REALLY boring, I don't think. I'm to keep V home for a week, so we're adventuring slowly around here.

We get outside a little, which is wonderful. When the J-bird first saw his sister with the patch off her eye, he covered his own eyes with his hands and looked away. I completely understand how he felt.

Making forts (and playing toddler games on Dad's old iPhone)

Keeping Miss V from rolling over onto her sore eye.

And lots of nursing and cuddling. I'm happy to report that the swelling and bruising around Miss V's precious eye (not shown here. Can't do it.) is drastically reducing each day. She's able to open it more and more, giving us a view of her gorgeous blue peeper, and her smiles and giggles as she slips back into her regular schedule tell me that she's in less pain, which removes a giant boulder from my heart.

These two little people and their Daddy fill up every day with joy, whether we're doing anything exciting or not. I feel like I can really breathe for the first time since May, and wow...breathing sure is nice.

So...boring? Bring it.

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