Monday, August 30, 2010

IKEA run

We have an IKEA about 45 minutes or so from our house, and we love to go scope out the deals and get ideas. Earlier this month, we loaded up the kids and made the trip. In addition to some organizational stuff for our office/guest/sewing room, we picked up some rolling, stackable toy bins to tame the J-bird's closet and a wonderful child-sized table with two red chairs.

I labeled the toy bins with pictures of what goes in them, which helps a lot when clean up time arrives. The unlabeled bin is for all the random toys that don't fit the other categories (the categories being cars and trains, dress up clothes, and stuffed animals). These have made the toys in J's room much more manageable and easy to find, so he has more fun playing and an easier time cleaning up as well.

He loves the little table and chairs and spends a lot of time sitting there, putting puzzles together or reading books.

I realize I am biased because I love him so, but to me, this little boy gets sweeter and more dear by the minute. He is funny and creative and kind and ornery. I want to store up every second so I never forget.

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