Friday, August 6, 2010

So Much Joy

I was thinking today about how different my children are from one another. When the J-bird was a baby, he was like the moon - he pulled at me, drew me, and hey, he ruled the night ;). He was bright, beautiful and precious...and consuming. He's still who he always was, wonderful, fantastic little boy and SO much fun, but he does sleep now. Miss V is my sunshine baby. She's so happy and sweet and joyful and easy. She sleeps (almost) all night and is cheerful (almost) all day. I need them both, adore them both. I had no idea that having more than one child would bring so much joy, but it has. It does! Every day, it does!

And this is what I'm going to spend my weekend focusing on, instead of thinking about V's surgery this upcoming Tuesday. Instead of giving in to my fear and anxiety, I'm going to enjoy my babies, hug and hold and kiss them a lot, and marvel at how different and special and perfect they are. And how much I want to fill their little lives with as much of that same joy they're giving me as possible.

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