Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Adventure Begins

We all got up VERY bright and early yesterday morning and headed to the airport, so the kids and I could fly to Kansas. James helped us check our bags, then we hung around for awhile, procrastinating the goodbye.

Eventually, inevitably, the time came though.

Just so you know, going through airport security with two children is not fun. At all. We had a fine time afterward though. The J-bird looked out the windows at the airplanes and all the other cool stuff on the runway

And Miss V watched him from her perch in the sling, pretty sleepy from getting up so dang early.

We saw a lady wearing the weirdest sandal/boots...sandoots? I've ever seen.

Then we got on the plane and flew for three hours.

And were met at the airport by my dad (the kids' Papa) and my sister, Emma.

We drove from the airport back to Lawrence and out to my parents' farm, where we had a nice time catching up and comparing photos of me when I was a baby to how Miss V is looking.

The J-bird had (and continues to have) a blast discovering and re-discovering all the cool stuff his Granny has for him to play with.

And these two got to bond some more. Amazingly, this is the third time my mom's seen the kids in the four+ months Miss V has been alive. That's a rare and wonderful thing.

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