Sunday, September 19, 2010

At The Lake House

My dear in-laws have a beautiful house out on a lake in the Flint Hills, and the kids and I had the pleasure of spending this weekend out there with them. We crammed a lot of memories into a few short days (an unfortunate necessity of living so far away) and had a really great time.

My father-in-law with Miss V

and trying to wrangle the J-bird for a photo

He was not in the mood, as he was impatiently waiting for some lunch

After which, we headed out to the dock, so my mother-in-law, who is an avid fisherman, could teach him how to fish

My folks rode their Harley out for the afternoon and got to enjoy a little sun and shared grandchild time

explaining what the bobber does

My son, sporting fashion colors from 1991

Biker and Biker Babe

The kids took a nap, and then we headed out for a ride on the boat. Both children were properly outfitted with life jackets. To me, this looked terribly uncomfortable, but Miss V seemed to actually like it, so much so in fact, that she passed out completely on the boat ride and stayed asleep until I got her up to the house and was mid-diaper change. I believe the expression on her face upon waking can best be translated as "Um...mother? Where are we, and why on earth am I half naked? Weren't we just on a boat?"


The J-bird could not get enough of riding on the boat. He kept urging Grandma to "go FASTER! I wanna go FAST!!"

Miss V's first boat ride - a sunset cruise. I just want to kiss her little bald head all day long.

After breakfast on Saturday, the J-bird was anxious to do some more fishing, so out he went with both Grandma and Grandpa.

Waving bye bye to Grandma's fish (they catch and release)

And catching his first fish!!! He was so pleased with himself.

Until it flipped around a little. Then, he was ready to send the fish back to its fish home.

Grandma got in some baby snuggles in between boat rides and fishing.

And Grandpa took the J-bird to play some golf! (My father-in-law's all time favorite sport)

Last night, there were some amazing clouds out over the lake.

We enjoyed them from the boat until we saw lightning, at which time we zoomed back to the dock and finished our cloud (and lightning) watching from the safety of the deck. With cake.

The J-bird, pretending to take photos of the clouds ;)

This morning dawned cool and foggy

The J-bird and his Grandma got in a little more fishing before we headed back to Lawrence.

It was a wonderful weekend to remember. Thank you, Jim and Sharrel!


tracyannc said...

Got some nice photos! Hope it was as fun as it looked!

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I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^