Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fast Friends For Life

The kids and I drove to Kansas City to visit with my best friend, Laura and her baby, Princess L, who is about two and a half months younger than Miss V. We had a fantastic day, and Laura and I got to marvel at our two red-haired baby girls and how sweet they are (in their matching dresses, no less! Yes, I planned that :) ). The J-bird behaved himself (for the most part), even with all the gooey, girly baby talk and nursing and discussions of diapering and nap schedules, and I got to soak up the rare experience of being in the same room with my dear Laura, whom I miss every day of my life.

When I showed these photos to my folks tonight, they both remarked that these two look like a mini-Laura and a mini-Geneva. I thought that fairly fitting! What's funny is that they also both look like their daddies - who are - get this - ALSO best friends. Yeehaw!

Holding hands

Telling secrets

And planning sleepovers. I hope our two precious girls get a chance to really know one another as they grow. I have a feeling they are destined to be fast friends.

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Becca B said...

Love these pictures! So happy to get to see Laura's daughter too. So cute!! We need to get together while you are home!