Monday, September 27, 2010


I worked a lot of different jobs in my "day" (ha). You may remember my admission to prior acts of clowning, but I've also been a busboy (er...girl), a hostess, a waitress, an office manager, a retail salesperson, a babysitter, a student assistant in various offices at my college, a sandwich store employee and delivery driver (briefly), a summer stock actor, a substitute teacher, a vocal director for a theater, and a voice and piano teacher...among other things. I also worked for about 8 months in college at a Sprint call center, fielding INBOUND calls for "FTD Flowers After Hours", a company they'd contracted with. We took calls coming in to flower shops that were closed for the night but who had signed up with this service to take orders from overnight callers to be filled first thing in the morning. It was sort of monotonous, and we got plenty of weirdos calling in ("WHAT?!?!? You mean I can't have four dozen hand arranged roses in assorted colors delivered overseas five minutes from now, even though I'm calling at 2:14 am? I am both SHOCKED and APPALLED!!" - and that'd be a mild one. We won't even discuss the pervs.), but I also met some very sweet people, and Heather was one of those. We haven't seen each other in probably ten years, but we've stayed in touch, and I was fortunate enough to get to meet up with her and her son yesterday. Thankfully, she agreed to meet at a park, so I did not have to torture my son with another sit-down ("AND YOU BE GOOD!!") meeting at a restaurant.

Heather's one of the good ones, and her precious little boy, Prince S just about broke my heart in two with his darling smile.

You know, living far away has many drawbacks, one of which is how it makes losing touch with people very, very easy to do. I'm so thankful that we live in the time we do though, because we have email and Facebook and silly "mommy blogs" like this and every other method of finding people we've lost and reconnecting in some way. No, it's not "the same" as being there, but nevertheless, my heart has been so expanded and touched by these renewed relationships. I value them so much, and I'm grateful.

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