Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Montessori Method

My sister, Emma works with 3-6 year olds at a montessori school in my hometown, and she was nice enough to give us a tour the other day. The school is amazing, and I picked up some pointers on things to integrate into Jimmy's home pre-school.

Gazing at the hamster

Lots of great sorting equipment

More hamster gazing. Oh dear. Maybe a fish would do?

After our tour of the inside, we got to experience the fantastic playground. The J-bird had a blast and did his best to wear out his Papa.

While Granny got some baby snuggles.

If I were going to put the J-bird into preschool, and if we had this school nearby, this would be where I'd want him to go. The Montessori method is really, really cool, and this particular school is a real standout. Thank you, Emma for the great tour!

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