Monday, September 6, 2010

Our First Day

I think I might have found a way around the slow internet...we'll see if it works!

Yesterday was our first full day in Kansas, and we filled it with lots of fun. We attended my parents' church in the morning, had a nice lunch out and then headed back to the farm so the kids could nap (after a WalMart stop!) After nap time, we went to the J-bird's (and my) favorite place anywhere - OUTSIDE! My parents' farm is gorgeous, and the J-bird is having a blast exploring, getting comfortable around the farm dogs and getting plenty dirty.

Miss V, on the other hand, is mostly enjoying the variety of people who want to hold her and coo at her.

Here are three of my favorite girls. Miss V you've met here, the others are my mom, and my sweet sister, Tassi.

My dad got some sweet baby snuggles in too.

She's loving this :)

The J-bird got to explore the barns, see the tractor and the woodshop, play in the playhouse and on the swingset and hammer some nails.

And there was a beautiful sunset over the valley to see us to bed. Just wonderful!


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