Thursday, September 16, 2010

Supper at An Old Haunt

When I was fourteen-going-on-fifteen, I got a job at a little Mexican fast food place called Amigos. I worked running food, etc...for awhile, and then I became (no, I'm not kidding) Gigi the Clown. I dressed in an awesome clown suit that probably never got washed and painted my face two or three times a week and entertained kids for a couple of hours (I refused to wear the wig and shoes though - I wore braided pigtails and my Converse All Stars). They even loaned me out to carnivals. I waved at cars. I handed out candy and balloons. I had a HUGE following of little kids - no joke. Oh yes, I was Gigi. I also ran a face painting booth a couple afternoons a week there, though not as the clown. I would paint anything you brought me a picture of, and the kids loved that.


The building that used to house Amigos now houses a nicer, sit-down Mexican joint called El Mezcal, and my brother and his wife invited the kids and I to supper there tonight. It was pretty awesome to see the inside of that building again. It's different and yet....hauntingly the same as it was for the two years I worked there.

But I didn't get the urge paint my face or anything. Just in case you were wondering. Must've been the absence of the nacho cheese/pico de gallo/ranch dressing bar.

Here's Joe

and here's Denny, holding my tired little ladybug. Who bawled the whole way home. Along with her brother. It was a long twenty minutes. Let us never speak of it again.

Goodnight everybody!

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tracyannc said...

I hear you on the hauntingly familiarity of that place. I met Sara and Jill there not too long ago and it was the first time I had been. W.E.I.R.D.