Saturday, October 30, 2010

Haunted Gingerbread House

I have a fantastic set of molds for making gingerbread houses. Each Christmas. I make them for all the neighbors, but I like to warm up by making one for us for Halloween!

I mixed up the gingerbread, molded and baked the pieces earlier in the week. Then yesterday, while the J-bird was napping, I added some basic decorations with royal icing and assembled the house.

I tinted some icing to the color of the gingerbread and set out candies in easy-for-little-fingers-to maneuver bowls.

I took some photos (what can I say? I was excited!) , and then, when he woke up, let him at it! Miss V was conveniently still sleeping, so I got to join in, along with James and the J-bird.

And here it is "after".

He's quite pleased with our...

monstrous creation!

Friday, October 29, 2010

One Last

J-bird conversation: This one with his friends at playgroup yesterday.

The kids were sitting at a little table, ignoring the mamas, having a snack and talking about what they were going to be for Halloween. G said he was going to be a monkey and that his daddy would be a banana. The J-bird said he'd be "Harry the Platypus" (ha) and that HIS daddy would be Doofenschmirtz. Sweet little S said she was going to be Cinderella.

J-bird: "Cindabella?"

S: "Nooooooo! CindaWELLA!"

J-bird: "Oh. What's CindaWELLa?"

S: (in the most adorable little haughty voice) "She. Is a pwincess."

I love little children.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

In The Car

Me: "Son, I really don't feel like talking anymore, so let's just be quiet for awhile."

J-Bird: "But whyyyyyyyy?"

Me: "I'm just tired, honey, and I don't feel like talking."

J-Bird: "Oh"

*approximately 30 seconds of silence*

J-Bird: "Mommy, I don't feel like talkin' either. Mommy? Mom? Mommy? MOOOOOOOMMMYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!??!?!?!"

Me: *sigh* "Yes, son?"

J-Bird: "I don't feel like talkin' either."

Fall, To the J-Bird

J-Bird: "Mommy, let's think about Fall. Fall is when the trees shiver, and all the leaves change colors, and the wind buh-looooows them down."

Me: "Wow!" (thinking to myself how sweet and poetic that was out of nowhere) "That's nice, buddy! And you're right about Fall."

*pause as we look out the window*


"Mommy, let's think about some yogurt."

Yep, there he is.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This girl's an eater. I started her on rice cereal a little over a month ago, and then, when she immediately LOVED that, purees, then baby yogurt, and now little meltaway puffs, which she completely adores. She can't quite get them into her mouth herself (unlike Mum Mums, which she scarfs down on her own), but she keeps trying, and I figure the practice is good for her motor control. So, we carefully feed her one at a time, the J-bird and I (I closely supervise him, of course), and she enjoys both the food and the attention, especially from her brother, who is her absolute hero.

"Ah! Another puff!"

"Mmmmmm....scrumptious. Another? Well, I shouldn't, but..."

"I will anyway!!"

"Got any more?"

Happy Hat Boy

I've always picked up whatever cute Halloween costume I could find for the J-bird at the Pass It On sale each Fall, but this year, he decided to register an opinion. He wanted to go as Perry the Platypus from "Phineas and Ferb", a cartoon he likes. I've been working on making his costume from a turquoise sleeper, felt, and a re-purposed ball cap. Because he wants to be Perry as "Agent P", I picked up this cute child sized fedora online for cheap. He's enjoyed modeling it, and it will certainly be making its way to the dress up clothes box after Halloween.

My sweet James will be dressing up as Dr. Doofenschmirtz, the goofy, villainous, bumbling foil to the always heroic Agent P. Needless to say, the J-bird is entranced with the idea of Daddy wearing a costume. He really wanted me to dress up too, but...meh. I'll be carrying one darling little KU cheerleader around in my arms though!

Monday, October 25, 2010


My goodness, the time is flying by at a blinding speed.

Wasn't it last week that I was breaking this thing out for my sweet baby J-bird?

See, look! There he is!

How in the WORLD did this happen?

It's the part of motherhood they don't warn you about. Someone should tell you before you hold these precious, tiny beings in your arms that you will blink and find them grown and beyond your reach. That you should give all the extra cuddles you can and live in the moment every single moment and immerse yourself in the experience completely, because it only happens once, and then only for a heartbeat. Oh, I'll always be their mother, but this time when we are joined heart-to-heart, so close that we practically breathe as one is so very fleeting.

So I'm cherishing. I'm immersing. I'm relishing. I'm cuddling. I'm laughing a lot, through lack of sleep and happy tears and (sometimes) frustration. I'm trying not to screw it up too terribly. And I'm taking lots and lots of pictures, because if I get to be lucky enough to do this most wonderful thing, even for such a short time, I want to do it right, and I never want to forget it.


Pumpkins on the porch

leaves on the ground


Geese flying to warmer places

Time to bring in the outside toys

And the apples from the yard

and to prepare for the soft, cool, gray Oregon winter.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


happens once in a blue moon.

But this...
happens every day.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Looking Back

Through my friend, Jaimey, I met Elle Zober, a professional photographer who is just amazing. She has had some experience with child eye issues, and she suggested having some photos taken of Miss V before her surgery, just so I could have them. We did the session, and then we had V's surgery and went visiting in Kansas, and I kind of forgot about them. I got the CD from Elle yesterday, These pictures take me right back to that time, when I was so anxious about my tiny baby, not knowing what would happen, how she would come through the surgery, whether she would be changed in a bad way...I had no way of knowing how big the growth was, how amazingly Miss V would heal - with almost no discernible scar, or how relieved I would be just a couple of months out to have it over with and done forever, her vision saved, her face even more beautiful every day.

So here are some of the gorgeous photos of our precious girl. I had no idea how much they would mean to me. Thank you, Elle.

The J-bird and I

...have discovered Nutella. And the world will never be the same again.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pass It On

The Pass It On Sale in Hillsboro started today, and I showed up right at opening, with my saved up money to pick up the J-bird's winter wardrobe and a couple of toys that go along with our home school direction . (I didn't need to shop for Miss V, because I have hand-me-downs for her through size 4T!, though I did get her FOUR pairs of shoes that I simply couldn't resist. It's a sickness. A SHOE sickness.) I left the J-bird with my neighbor, Wendee while I hit the sale, then I watched her two girls while she went. Let me tell you, not going to the sale with a three year old is much easier than going with one. I wore Miss V in my Ergo and shopped to my heart's content. Actually...probably past my heart's content. I got a lot of stuff, but the J-bird's pants are all too short, and his winter shirts are all too snug - little stinker went and grew on me - so "new" things were in order.

See this?

I rub my hands together and cackle with glee at the savings - the marvelous SAVINGS!!! Mwah ha ha ha...

I Might...




little shoe problem.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Play Date

My neighbor, Wendee and I decided to make our sporadic playdates for the kids a weekly thing. Last week was at her house, this week at ours. D is the J-bird's very best friend in all the world - can you tell?

New Hat

from Briar Claire on Etsy!