Thursday, October 7, 2010

And We're Walking....We're Walking

Because I'm pre-schooling the J-bird at home, it's become much more important that I make myself get out of the house to go do things where he can play with other children. Some friends of mine meet each week to walk on a nature-y trail behind the library, so we joined them today and will be making it a regular thing.
The J-bird, with S and G. They decided that holding hands and pulling one another around was the funniest.thing.ever.

There's a lot to discover on the path (and off of it). S found some pretty leaves and some rocks to throw into the duck pond. Note to self: remove all the acorns, sticks and rocks from the J-bird's pockets BEFORE those pants hit the laundry...

The J-bird and G, good pals.

There's something about watching the unbridled joy of our children, who have known one another since babyhood, as they play together and enjoy the world that makes the intensity of parenting a 3 year old a little lighter. All three are happy, well adjusted, sometimes resistant and naughty, but thoroughly sweet little people. And all are just fine...reassuring knowledge for this mommy ;)


Jaimey said...

It was great to see you today! I am glad you were able to come and plan to come more! We usually shoot for 930, and do the library after. See you soon!LOVE the pics btw... don't be surprised if you see them on my blog too!

Random Steph said...

What a wonderful post! (Yes, I'm biased.) Your phone takes way better photos than mine for sure. So, I emailed your post to my family because you blog and I, well I think about blogging. I do admire your consistency and voice. So glad you'll be joining us more often. I always enjoy your company.