Monday, October 25, 2010


My goodness, the time is flying by at a blinding speed.

Wasn't it last week that I was breaking this thing out for my sweet baby J-bird?

See, look! There he is!

How in the WORLD did this happen?

It's the part of motherhood they don't warn you about. Someone should tell you before you hold these precious, tiny beings in your arms that you will blink and find them grown and beyond your reach. That you should give all the extra cuddles you can and live in the moment every single moment and immerse yourself in the experience completely, because it only happens once, and then only for a heartbeat. Oh, I'll always be their mother, but this time when we are joined heart-to-heart, so close that we practically breathe as one is so very fleeting.

So I'm cherishing. I'm immersing. I'm relishing. I'm cuddling. I'm laughing a lot, through lack of sleep and happy tears and (sometimes) frustration. I'm trying not to screw it up too terribly. And I'm taking lots and lots of pictures, because if I get to be lucky enough to do this most wonderful thing, even for such a short time, I want to do it right, and I never want to forget it.

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