Saturday, October 23, 2010

Looking Back

Through my friend, Jaimey, I met Elle Zober, a professional photographer who is just amazing. She has had some experience with child eye issues, and she suggested having some photos taken of Miss V before her surgery, just so I could have them. We did the session, and then we had V's surgery and went visiting in Kansas, and I kind of forgot about them. I got the CD from Elle yesterday, These pictures take me right back to that time, when I was so anxious about my tiny baby, not knowing what would happen, how she would come through the surgery, whether she would be changed in a bad way...I had no way of knowing how big the growth was, how amazingly Miss V would heal - with almost no discernible scar, or how relieved I would be just a couple of months out to have it over with and done forever, her vision saved, her face even more beautiful every day.

So here are some of the gorgeous photos of our precious girl. I had no idea how much they would mean to me. Thank you, Elle.

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