Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pass It On

The Pass It On Sale in Hillsboro started today, and I showed up right at opening, with my saved up money to pick up the J-bird's winter wardrobe and a couple of toys that go along with our home school direction . (I didn't need to shop for Miss V, because I have hand-me-downs for her through size 4T!, though I did get her FOUR pairs of shoes that I simply couldn't resist. It's a sickness. A SHOE sickness.) I left the J-bird with my neighbor, Wendee while I hit the sale, then I watched her two girls while she went. Let me tell you, not going to the sale with a three year old is much easier than going with one. I wore Miss V in my Ergo and shopped to my heart's content. Actually...probably past my heart's content. I got a lot of stuff, but the J-bird's pants are all too short, and his winter shirts are all too snug - little stinker went and grew on me - so "new" things were in order.

See this?

I rub my hands together and cackle with glee at the savings - the marvelous SAVINGS!!! Mwah ha ha ha...

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