Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This girl's an eater. I started her on rice cereal a little over a month ago, and then, when she immediately LOVED that, purees, then baby yogurt, and now little meltaway puffs, which she completely adores. She can't quite get them into her mouth herself (unlike Mum Mums, which she scarfs down on her own), but she keeps trying, and I figure the practice is good for her motor control. So, we carefully feed her one at a time, the J-bird and I (I closely supervise him, of course), and she enjoys both the food and the attention, especially from her brother, who is her absolute hero.

"Ah! Another puff!"

"Mmmmmm....scrumptious. Another? Well, I shouldn't, but..."

"I will anyway!!"

"Got any more?"

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