Saturday, October 9, 2010

Punkin Punkin Punkin PATCH!

That's what the J-bird chanted on the way to the patch this morning! And in spite of a steady Oregon rain, we had a wonderful time getting muddy and picking out pumpkins again this year.

We usually go to Lakeview Farm for our pumpkin picking needs. They have a little train and a paddle boat, so we take one out to the pumpkins and the other back to the barn. This year, it was train first.

I'm so glad Miss V is big enough for the Ergo now (yes, I know there's an infant insert, but I didn't buy it. I used a sling until now). 30 minutes or so in this baby, and she is out like a light! In spite of having FOUR shots, plus Rotavirus drops at her six month check-up yesterday, V was cheerful and darling through the whole morning. What a precious sweetheart she is!

The J-bird loves the hay bale maze. He cracked up every time he hit a dead end :)

My little pumpkin. What a fun morning!

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