Friday, October 1, 2010

Wichita - An Epic Journey

I was born in Wichita, and we lived in the area until I was ten or so. I have lots of relatives there, so we jammed my mom's car full of overnight things and made the three hour trek. Our first stop was my Aunt Faith's house:

Here's Miss V, meeting her great aunt

And my beautiful cousin, Allison

who brought her three kiddos, O and M, sitting at the lunch table with the J-bird here. Want to know what's harder than photographing two children? Photographing three.

And Allison's new baby, L! She really took to my mom.

Allison and I spent a lot of time together when we were children. It's always so nice to spend a little time with her as adults, and I really loved meeting her sweet kids.

M, in particular, is a crack up!

Our babies :)

Want to know what's harder than photographing three children? Photographing FIVE.

Our next stop was my Uncle Karl and Aunt Linda's house:

Karl is my mom's brother. They are only about eleven months apart, and they're so fun when they're together.

The J-bird, who is a pinball fanatic like both his parents, was out of his mind with joy at Karl's pinball machine in his basement.

Karl and Linda's grandsons, S and G came over and played with the J-bird, which was nice of them, since they are big boys, and he's a little dude. It was fun to watch.

We celebrated my Aunt Linda's birthday while we were there, which was a ton of fun. Her daughter, Darcy came over and made dinner, and we had a blast.

The cake!!

The dimple twins!

We slept at Karl and Linda's that night (incidentally, I slept in the bed with the J-bird for the first time since he was a baby. For the sake of my back...and my legs...and my spleen, that may also be the LAST time. Child kicks like the Karate Kid in his sleep.) The next morning, we headed over to see my grandmother.

The first thing the J-bird said to her when she opened the door? "Hello!! Are you very, very old?" *sigh* facepalm.

Miss V and her great grandmother.

The J-bird was feeling contrary that day. In fact, he's pretty much hit his limit on going and doing and meeting and sitting nicely, which means he's feeling fairly contrary every day. It's a little exhausting. The up-shot of this is that he won't sit for photos. At all. Any more. He's done.

Miss V loves the Bumbo! I'm going to have to get one of these things when we get home.

OMG!! She said WHAT?!?!? ;)

Four generations of girls. The J-bird would be in this picture, but, as I said, he's done. I have about fifty shots of all of us, and he's squirreling around in every single one. *sigh* facepalm.

The joys of motherhood ;)

We had a fairly decent drive back, and I'm so, so glad we went. Thank you, Mom for doing all the driving, for helping out with the baby holding and the J-bird duty. And thank you to everyone who hosted us and showed us love. You're wonderful, Wichita!

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Alli Unruh said...

Love the post, G! The pics you put on were the one of all 5 kiddos:) So great to see you. Glad you made it home safely. You are a trooper.