Monday, October 11, 2010

Z-O-O Spells Zooooooo!

It was a beautiful Oregon morning as the kids and I set out to meet some of my friends from high school at the zoo!

Erica and her sweet little darlin', H live (along with H's daddy) in Portland, so we're lucky enough to see them semi-regularly. You know those few people from high school who were SO nice that everyone loved them, completely deservedly so? Erica was and IS one of those.

And so is Kate! Kate and I were drum majors in the marching band way back when. She has always been grace personified to me. She's a traveling nurse, visiting Portland for the weekend from her post in San Francisco. She has amazing adventures, and I love hearing all about them. :)

I think my kids took to her too...

"Okay, I'm going to walk away now, but do NOT take a picture of my butt, okay? Got it? Noooooo pictures."

"You're taking a picture, aren't you? *sigh* Rude."

A lovely day with lovely friends. Thanks, girls!

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