Saturday, November 27, 2010


We observed our day-after-Thanksgiving tradition of decorating the house for Christmas yesterday.

Stockings hung

with great care. I cried when I took these out of the box. Mommy's prerogative.

Advent house filled with little candies.

My J-bird, hanging the first ornament.

Miss V, watching in wonder.

Enjoying and being so pleasant.

Topping the tree with our hilarious, Seuss-style star.


It's always fun to see our favorite ornaments come out of their slumber each year.

The King.

Pieces of my mobile from when I was a baby

Look how small the J-bird's hand was his first Christmas!

Miss Barbie

James's childhood Star Trek ornaments that light up and talk. I've already heard "Shuttle craft to Enterprise, shuttle craft to Enterprise - Spock here. Happy Holidays. Live long and prosper" approximately 453 times since the J-bird discovered the button on this particular ornament.

Nods to my fondness for Cinderella

The Grinch! One year, I bought James some Grinch boxer shorts. He didn't find them as funny as I did.

The branch in the back, where the J-bird piled as many ornaments as he could fit as I giggled.

My babies.

Now to get on with the Christmas season...gingerbread houses to bake, construct and decorate, gifts to order and wrap and hide, people to see, carols to sing, cards to address... It's a bustling, fun time of year, and a time to examine my heart in the quiet moments, to enjoy the love, to remember why... here we go.

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Jaimey said...

here we go is right! I love it! The house looks great!! :)