Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Snow!

Alright now, we live in Oregon, and it rarely snow snows here - not like Kansas, which is where James and I grew up. We used to go to school in piles of snow and ice (though not uphill both ways...usually). If the buses could start and work their way down the street, school was on. It's very different here - a few flakes and some ice shut everything DOWN. It is a little more festive at this time of year though, to look out and see that (thin) blanket of white over everything.

The J-bird can barely contain his excitement. Which is a switch from how he reacted the first time...

"What have you done to the GROUND, Mother?! And PS. It is cold out here. Take me in."

Miss V's reaction was more...puzzlement as to why I would plunk her down on the ground. The GROUND! The cold, cold ground... *sob* Mean Mama.

Just kidding. She liked it, and she was only down there for a second or two ;)

Don't you love her little snowsuit? My mom bought it for the J-bird, who was so humongous by the time it was cold enough to wear it that I only packed him into once, for a photo. It fits Miss V just perfectly. Huzzah!



This is, apparently how the J-bird wanted to pose for his "first snow of the season" shot. Sort of a "thoughtful, yet amused, yet long-suffering, yet...cold" thing he's, um, got goin' there.

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