Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Love A Project

On the landing halfway up my stairs, I have this wall of photos of the J-bird. Clearly, having such a photographic ode to just one child out of two is not okay, so I decided to do another wall of photos, this one for Miss V.

I got some unpainted wood frames from Michael's for about $3 apiece and spray-painted them in my garage while the kids were napping. Then, I uploaded and had printed black and white photos of her that I like, popped them in the frames, and...

Voila! This is at the top of the stairs, and my plan is to blow up some photos of the two of them together to put on the wall going up the stairs in between. I love it! I'll change out some of the pictures as she grows, just as I do for the J-bird's wall. Both walls of photos make me happy every time I walk by them on my many trips up and down the steps each day.

To make room for my photograph extravaganza, I had to shift some things around, and this old mirror from Wal Mart needed a new home. I spray-painted the (ugly) gold plastic frame pink and hung it in the baby's room. It adds a really nice touch to her sweet nursery. I do so dearly love a project!

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Monkee said...

Ooo! How cute! And, the picture with the mirror looks cool with the flowers being reflected in the mirror!